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Mid Term Evaluation

So here I am half way through GSoC. I just can't believe, it's already been a month since I am working on this project. Time sure fly. This month was mostly concentrated on front end and database stuff. I am yet to take a deep dive into improving the model viewing expereince of an OGV user.

Summary of my GSoC work

I am really thankful to GSoC for keeping me busy during my summer holidays. If it wasn't for GSoC I may have died of boredom. :P :D

Regarding OGV, Here's the summary of what I have been doing till now. For details, check out my daily logs.

My experience

It's fun to exchange messages using IRC, interacting with developers talking about Github PRs.

I have felt the same way long before when I was working on Wt, a C++ web framework. So GSoC revived those memories for me.

Another fun thing I like in GSoC is keeping a log, writing everything down. I do like to write things. I confess, I may not be very punctual in writing log, but I am making sure to write things down, as soon as possible.

Doubts till now

I was seeing the code and workflow of OGV today, and here are few doubts I would like to ask: