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Installing Meteor on FreeBSD

Finally I have been succesful in installing meteor on a freeBSD system. Although I was not able to install it locally, my mentor provided me with a digital ocean droplet to carry on with deployment of OGV. Here's a quick tutorial on how to install meteor on freeBSD system.

Making freeBSD ready for meteor installation

To make freeBSD ready to install, we need to install few pacakges. We can do so by:

sudo pkg install -y bash git gmake mongodb node npm python

Clone the Meteor from it's repository

Next get the meteor clone built to support FreeBSD system

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/4commerce-technologies-AG/meteor

Mostly, on some systems, you are done with installation, it's that simple ;). Do the following to check if meteor is installed correctly:

$HOME/meteor/meteor --version

Building manually [optional]

However, on some systems, we need to build the meteor ourselves

Do the following to build

cd $HOME/meteor



Now Check the installation by following

$HOME/meteor/meteor --version

Try creating app

Try to create a basic app using $HOME/meteor/meteor appname