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Final Evaluation

Like all good things, GSoC also had an end date. In this post I will try to summarise what I did in 13 week GSoC time period.

Live Demo
My Github Commits during GSoC period
Pull Requests I made
Brief status report

✌ Good News

I asked my university professor, and she agreed on continuing OGV as my university project. So I shall continue the same pace of development atleast till December.

Major changes that are live on OGV

Merging Obj files

It was this one task that I couldn’t complete in GSoC period, but it sure would be done in some time. I have spent significant amount of gsoc time period in this. I need to find a logic, a way to reduce the number of obj files that are generated for each g file. This will bring no change to user view, but will speed up the things real fast.