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Week 9

This week was targeted to do convert and upload progress bar, but there are some unfinished things, that should be finished before stepping ahead. So I have to complete the merging, deployment and shared models before going any further.

July 22

The digital ocean droplet I have been using to deploy OGV showed some unexpected behaviour. I couldn't login into it. The tricky thing was I couldn't have typed the wrong password, because I am not using password authentication :P

I was logging in server using ssh key authentication, and worked perfectly fine till yesterday evening.

Tried to find the problem but couldn't do so. Did some searching and all.

After that I thought of rebuilding the server image, with a fresh FreeBSD installation, I thought this may solve it. But it kept asking for a password which I never had.

July 21

It happens so rare, but when it happens I feel real good. I woke up with an idea of how to solve an OGV problem. It seems I have been thinking all my night about problem, and thought of solution in dream.

Anyhow problem is how to take convertPercentage variable from server to client, to be used in convert progress bar.

I made convert percentage variable global, that is availabe to all Meteor.methods. And created another method that just returns the value of convertPercentage.

In my dream I had completely solved this problem, but it took some time, and I forgot half of my dream :P. So I have yet to figure out how to update value as it changes on server side.

July 20

Today I was looking OGV for problems and To Do list I had set for myself to work on later. Sharing models backend was complete, and worked perfectly fine, however the front end needs some work.

The shared models are not seen anywhere except the tickr I have on news feed page. The shared models should appear in profile page and also in newsfeed page alongside the existing model posts.

I have tried merging two find cursors earlier, but I got no results. Another way to do this is by making a new collection, I call it Posts. And use that collection to combine the results of two collections. It will consist of an Id and type of model post. Type of model post will tell if the post is from sharedModels collection of ModelFiles collection.

July 19

Implementing the thumbnail task was almost complete, It works perfectly fine. The only thing to figure out is the workflow, of how and what should come first, and how a user can interactively choose a thumbnail.

As suggested by mentors, I should opt for phantom js. But I personally felt it could be done in a much easier way.

In coming days, I also have to work on changing colors of each object of model. So we require an edit page, where we can do all these changes. How about having a button on edit page, that will save the screenshot of model view and can use it for thumbnail. I have already figured out fetching the screenshot and using it as thumbnail.

So I created this edit page, where currently there is only one button that updates the thumbnail view. Further controls will also be added herelater on. Also I redirected the submit button of model description page to edit page, so that one edits the model as the first thing after uploading it.

July 18

I was working on merging using r command in the last days of previous week. So resumed my work from there only.

What I really want in merging is that first a merge command should be created using a for loop (possibly) and then execute that command. After that execution, the rest of functioning is quite simpler. Each object gets it's obj file. When viewing I can render only the object that contains entire model. And when viewed for editing, or show/hide objects of model, I can render all the objects except the one which contain the entire model

Doing this is quite simple, adding a objectType in fs collection of obj files, that can have two values, complete and partial. If the value is set to complete, it is to be shown for viewing. If the objectType is set to partial then it is to be shown for editing.