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Week 6

Well, as per my proposal this week was supposed to be before mid term, but Mid term arrived a week early, and I wasn't able to do the stuff before mid term. The big highlight of this week's work is thumbnail generation. To automatically captured rendered view of uploaded model, and use it as a thumbnail in model feed. But there are some previous week's unfinished buisness, so after clearing them out, I will be onto thumbnail generation.

July 1

Saw gmail, I had two replies on my query I asked previous day. One was to install tbz file using the code pkg_add filename.tbz. Another was from sean(BRL-CAD admin) himself, he had told to compile BRL-CAD from latest source.

Started compiling from BRL-CAD source, had to setup svn first on my system. Did the svn setup with sudo pkg install subversion.

After successful compilation, I could get into mged console, using binary in my build folder.

Tried running OGV, as BRL-CAD and meteor both were correctly installed. But got the error in starting mongodb. Searched about it and got to know that I separately installed mongodb, and it's now conflicting with meteor's mongodb installation. So I removed the externally installed mongodb. Mongodb error was gone, but it showed some other error, couldn't understand it. So thought of coming back to it, after doing some other work.

June 30

Had to install BRL-CAD, downloaded the .tbz file from sourceforge repositories. Extracted it using gunzip and tar command. Struggled a bit with installation. Had no idea about the next steps. Tried installing a deb package, but that as thought isn't possible for a freeBSD system

After a lot of searching and no success I mailed BRL-CAD mailing list, asking about desired installation steps for a successful installation of BRL-CAD on freeBSD

Also I gave final touches to search design, haven't used fuse search, but redesigned the search with exactly same functionality.

June 29

Today I worked on deploying OGV app on the newly meteor installed server.

Started with using meteor up (mup) package, which is famously used to deploy meteor apps to debian based servers. I have used this with some other project so thought of giving it a try with freeBSD system. After several tries, and searches I realized that I can not use mup to deploy a meteor app on a freeBSD server

Another meteor package, named pm2-meteor declared that they are capable of deploying app on ubuntu and freeBSD hosts. From documentation it seemed easier to use. Tried using it, couldn't get the configuration right, I kept getting an error with configuration syntax. After spending some time indulging with it, I thought to save it for future, let's try some another method of deployment.

While I was clearing my pm2 configurations, it came to my mind, that I haven't installed BRL-CAD on my server. Without BRL-CAD installed, OGV won't work. So I thought of doing it the first day in next morning.

June 28

Today I got access to a freeBSD digital ocean droplet. I was able to install meteor on it. I posted the steps in a separate post.

Most of the day was spent in doing this. It was my first time with freeBSD system. So it was hard to get started. I kept using ubuntu commands :P by habbit.

By the end of day I also worked on search redesign, it's almost complete now. Also there are lot of pending commits in my fork, will be sending pull request soon.

June 27

Started working on understanding search that is already implemented in OGV. OGV uses a meteor package and create a searchSource object, this makes searching easier by automatic handling of search history, browser cache.

Understood the existing part and started working on redesign of Search, the new design looks very similar to what proposed in proposal. I was able to get the same stuff done, without tweaking the backend. Thus I would improve search efficiency after improving search design.