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Week 3

The main target of this week is to make sure that OGV is cleaned, deployed, and with a mongoDB schema added to Collections. I am already running late, due to some college work, I couldn't complete the previous week's work. Hopefully it would all be completed by the end of this week.

June 11

Another day to work on Schema. Today I tackled the user profile schema. After adding a schema to the database, I wasn't able to add a password while creating a user, tried various things. The mistake was that I didn't add options field in schema. It didn't show up in console, for security reasons, that's why it took so much time to find and fix it.

Most of today was spent in doing this only. Got to know various new things like OGV uses another meteor package for status. It may help in showing online users. It isn't shown in app, but backend seems a bit done. Will work on it later on.

June 10

Today was a schema day, I had to work on schema for OGV. It took me some amount of time to get started. I had to add another pacakge named collection2 to attach a schema to a collection.

meteor add aldeed:collection2

This pacakge enabled us to attach a schema to the collection, the basic syntax of doing this is by


By the end of the day, I was able to successfully add a valid schema to OgvSettings collection. It contains the admin settings, like mged path and g-obj path

June 09

Another fruitful day, bugs came running to me, and I kept fixing them. Summary of today's commits
  • Came to know that search works fine for models, but for users the search results weren't shown. Fixed it. There was a minor javascript issue behind it.
  • When a user has no image set as profile pic, we get a grey circular box, which looked ugly. Saw the code, the default image mechanism was already present in some helpers, not in all. But the path of default image was wrong. Fixed it. Also changed the default image. Made it a little artistic ;) :P
  • When I logged out, an empty newsfeed page was shown, but in actual a login page should be displayed. Added the template models in router.js to validate login before displaying page. The login validation was already in action for other pages.
  • On landing page, the download icon seems a wrong, digged a bit in BRL-CAD's OGV repo and came to know that it was replaced by mistake when merging the freeBSD deploy script PR. Restored the previous image

In the end of the day, I once again tried to create a freeBSD bootable usb, and failed :(

It was chat time with my mentor Inderpreet Singh. I talked about my recent PR to github. And then he offered me to give a FreeBSD VPS for deploying OGV, as I was failing to install on my local machine. It would really boost the deployment, but still I am advised to keep working on installation side by side as it would be a good learning expereince.

Everything looks good for now, it seems that by mid term evaluation I will be able to push all the changes I proposed in my proposal

June 08

Today was a good day, I was able to push 4 commits to the OGV repository. The main motive of today was to find and kill all the redundant code in OGV. Summary of today's work is as following:

  • I was going through the code, and one thing that crossed my mind was that there are many different template helpers with a same purpose, to provide information about logged in user. So I created a global helper name loggedInUser and used it wherever it was desired.
  • Fixed some style issues, removed hard coded style done using
  • There was exactly same code in client/views/model_viewer.js. A complete for loop was written twice, removed it
  • Added Followings/Follower information to the newly created global helper loggedInUser

June 07

A lot of errors in console were appearing, I tried to understand them. Came to know that it's related to OAuth's malfunctioning. I earlier removed some part of it to get image on dashboard page. This made me realize that this incomplete code is creating problems at various places, and to better understand it, I should completely remove the code and write it once again. Today I was able to find all the code related to OAuth, and delete what's not required for this moment. It was a hefty task in searching and deleting only the code which is not used in OGV.

By the end of day OGV was free from OAuth. Thus I was able to push only one commit to the repository, and it was deleting malfunctioning OAuth code

June 06

I have been working on OGV cleanup in previous days, today I created a another branch in my fork of OGV. Named it new-master

Today I was successful in making my first commit towards cleanup. In this commit, I basically fixed two things

  • Fixed search results. Earlier search results disappear, as soon as the focus from search textbox was removed. This made it impossible to click from the search results. Fixed it, now the search works fine
  • Also I found another bug, that the profile pic we choose, doesn't show on the dashboard. It only shows the grey empty box. This was due to conflict with OAuth code. Removed the malfunctioning code, and voila the pic was seen on dashboard