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Week 1

In this week as per my plan, I'd be doing a bit of code cleanup. This involves managing github repository, removing redundant code, making sure all the variable names are consistent and so on.

May 27th

Another unsuccesfull trial in making the bootable pen drive of freeBSD. Today I explored few ways for making iso bootable manually, by extracting the files in iso file, and copying it onto the storage media. I followed some tutorials online, but couldn't get successful output

Whole day was spent in doing this, couldn't do something else

May 26th

So as suggested by Inder, I started working for deploying meteor on freeBSD system. The first task was to make my machine FreeBSD ready. I started the downloading the iso file in the early morning, but because of the network problem, I had to restart the download every time it fails. Frustrated from restarting, I searched a bit online and came to know about wget command. I used wget to download the iso, and within few hours the iso was with me. Yet it took hours because the internet speed has been slow this week.

wget -c ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/ISO-IMAGES/10.3/FreeBSD-10.3-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso

The above code worked for me.

Almost, a complete day was spent in doing the download thing only. Also, I had to manage my hard drive partitions to make them ready for freeBSD.

Another challenge was to make bootable usb stick using the dowloaded iso file. It seemed quite an easy task, but sometimes, the world doesn't work the way you expect. I tried dd command, I tried unetbootin, but to my surprise, nothing worked.

With dd command, I was unable to get FreeBSD boot screen, the one that comes in starting. With unetbootin I was able to get a unetbootin's boot loader, but the menu doesn't work.

May 25th

The first activity of this day was to send a mail to BRL-CAD mailing list about the confusion I had regarding repo access.

As my first milestone involves doing some cleanup work. I needed access to the BRL-CAD's OGV repository. There are numerous branches for now and a number of pull requests that are yet to be reviewed.

So at around 12:05 AM IST I sent a mail to BRL-CAD mailing list and slept.

I woke up and checked my inbox, I had a reply from sean. As per his reply, in order to get access, one needs to send compulsory two Pull Requests that are flawless improvements to the current code. It is a nice way to maintain a Github repo.

I have previously sent some pull requests so asked for their review, and in the meantime, I started looking for something to work on, so that I can send one more pull request to OGV repository.

In late evening, Inder suggested going with deployment first, and later working on code cleanup.

May 24th

Today I had to go to my college for some event. This reduced my work hours. I read some stuff online about Meteor and thought of their implementation in OGV. As I previously told in my post "Grown up Meteor", Meteor now comes with inbuilt support to npm packages. So we can now use threejs, without its wrapper package ishwerdas:threejs.

Also, I tried to understand the OGV backend, how the conversion is taking place. I can't say I completely understood the procedure, but yeah, now I know how the stuff works.

That's all folks !

May 23rd

God blessed with an amazing weather to commence this coding period. Such a relief from scorching days. Also, today I finished with my university exams and thus ready to code. This week's milestone is to clean the existing code. To finish what's already started seems a right approach.

After this cleanup, my next milestone is to successfully deploy the cleaned version of OGV.

Regarding work, I reviewed basic code, fetched all the branhes on my local machine, and started analysing what's in each branch, the suggested branch to work upon is gsoc2015-merged. I am trying to find if there's any line of code we need from some other branch. I am thinking to create github branch structure somewhat similar to given below:

  • Master (containing stable code)
  • Released (containing code of latest release)
  • dev (containing unstable under development code)